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Parts and info for flight simulators
7 segment driver boards to drive a MCP 737 in combination with ProSim.
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Driving 7-segment displays with PoKeys and ProSim 737 or FSSympony directly to FSX.
By far the easiest way to get your displays working.  click here
You can find all needed parts in the shop section
Fast delivery, order before noon (local time Belgium) and your order will leave the same day !!!

Electrical panel 737 forward overhead

Article about building a NAV or COM radio with PoKeys and our 7-segment drivers
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Meet our new 7-segment MICRO DRIVER. This new driver is directly connected to the digits and
as such no wiring is needed. Only 4 wires to connect to the PoKeys card.... that is all.
These MICRO DRIVER boards are fully compatible with our existing 7-segment drivers and can
be configured from within ProSim or FSSymphony.

They are perfectly suited for RADIO, NAV, FLT ALT and LAND ALT and have the correct size of displays.
Available for now with 4, 5 or 6 digits or without digits, MicroDriver only.

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New MICRO DRIVER 7-segment driver

7-segments driven by PoKeys
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07/12/2011 - Simulator
Tests with 7 segment
and PoKeys.

06/10/2011 - Simulator pages
Lua script for use
with FSUIPC, rotary, switches,

04/09/2011 - Simulator pages
Tutorial encoders for NAV radio

28/8/2011 - Simulator pages
Led extension board for PoKeys

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737 panels or
custom build panels


Shipping, tracking and packaging costs

ProSim737, PoKeys cards directly supported for encoders, 7-segment, switches, leds, pushbuttons...

X-Plane support for PoKeys cards

FSSymphony, connect PoKeys directly to FSX and/or SIOC


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Prefer to e-mail your question or just want to send us some feedback?

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Supported by ProSim 737
Supported by FSSymphony software
Supported by X-Plane via plugin