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7-segments driven by PoKeys
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07/12/2011 - Simulator
Tests with 7 segment
and PoKeys.

06/10/2011 - Simulator pages
Lua script for use
with FSUIPC, rotary, switches,

04/09/2011 - Simulator pages
Tutorial encoders for NAV radio

28/8/2011 - Simulator pages
Led extension board for PoKeys

PoKeys57E is an easy-to-use Ethernet device that hides the complex communication details to the user. It's a special type of controller that is fully and easy configurable and it makes this device perfectly suitable for connecting different types of hardware. By that I mean, every port can be set as digital input/output or encoder, 5 ports are reserved for analog input or digital in/out. 1 port is reserved for analog out. In addition it also supports 6 high-speed fully configurable PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs. Users can freely set PWM period and PWM duties. The PWM module runs at 12 MHz and allows high-speed switching. Last but not the least interesting is the price setting, you only pay around 1 euro / port, isn't that great news? What more could we desire than an interface card where we decide what the card should be used for?  Shall it be inputs/outputs/analog in or analog out or a mixture of everything, it's all in your hands!
PoKeys 57E
PoKeys 57E improved version of 56E and
fully compatible with  ProSim, FSSymphony
Ethernet Interface card - 55 in/out ports
Software included
Programmable from C#, C++, VB, Delphi
PoKeys Ethernet
All cards delivered will be PoKeys 57E
Fully identical to 56E and compatible with all
software ProSim737, FSSymphony...
€ 60,00
€ 270,00 when you order 5 pieces

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Order PoKeys 57E

-Ethernet 10/100 with DHCP client or fixed IP support
-TCP connection with device
-55 digital inputs with pull-up resistors
-55 software controlled digital outputs
-7 analog inputs (12-bit) with adjustable low-pass filtering support
-Up to 26 encoder pair inputs (3 high-speed encoder inputs, 1 ultra high speed encoder input)
-Up to 16x8 matrix keyboard
-Two 8x8 matrix LED display support
-Up to 6 high-speed fully configurable PWM outputs support (25 MHz PWM timer)
-HD44780-based character LCD support (up to 4x20 characters)
-up to 80 aditional External bus outputs are supported
-Modbus TCP support (access to digital IO, analog inputs, encoders’ counters, digital counters values, PWM outputs, LCD display, LED matrix display, PoExtBus devices, matrix keyboard status)
-Support for communication with devices on I2C and 1-wire buses
-Support for Connection signal output
-Communication compatible with PoKeys55 on application layer (data packet structure)
-Unlimited units can be connected to one computer.
-Intuitive and user-friendly software.
-Third-party support via communication DLL library and extensive protocol specification document that allows porting to other systems
-Plug-in for Artsofts Mach 3 CNC software available under development

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