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Shopping overview MicroDrivers MicroDriver can drive 7-segment displays without difficult wiring
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Get in contact If you want to get in touch with me please sent an email to   You will always get an answer if your mail is not blocked by our spam server. If you do not get an answer try contacting me via or with a private message or via one of my threads. About me How did it al started... well flying is like a microbe, there's no antibiotics to cure you, it will never let you go. Although I did some real world flying and I also succeeded in getting my PPL, I quit flying some years ago after accumulating some 300 hours TT on different airplanes. My initial training was given on a Cessna 152 at Antwerp airport, after my examination I also flew 172, 182, Rockwell, Morane, Piper Cherokee and Piper Archer. When you fly a simulator on the pc you end up clicking with the mouse on the screen and tapping on the keyboard. That is not great fun so I started to look for a more real life scenario. After a lot of surfing on the internet, I have found enough information to start building a simulator based on MS FSX. Special thanks go to all the members of en  who are so skillful and always prepared to help with whatever problem comes up. Currently I just put a new website on line and I still have to rewrite some of the simulator pages, it takes a lot of time to rewrite them, but I will add them page by page. There is also a shopping part that will expand in the future but has all the interface cards you need to build a professional simulator. Have fun and remember this is only simulator related stuff not to be used in real aircraft, Regards, Wendy
Hello Visitor, This site is all about interfacing a Flight Simulator by means of PoKeys cards. I have introduced this I/O card in the world of flight simulation several years ago. Contacted software companies, like ProSim to support these cards. Now you can interface your flight simulator without going to other solutions. I’m sharing my work here and let other who are building a home cockpit simulator enjoy.