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Electrical panel for 737 forward overhead
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We have released our new Elec Panel design, completely new and only a few wires to connect Major improvements of this new design : -Extra 3 digits top left, in stead of 2 in the old design. -Compatible   connection   for   2   MicroDrivers   at   the   back   of the panel, by using these you   are   freed   from   the   difficult   wiring   between   driver board         and   7-segment   displays.   Of   course   if   you   want to   wire   the   board   yourself   to   the   hardware   of   your choice… no problem Connecting to hardware… Besides   that   you   can   connect   the   panel   to   the   hardware   of   your   choice,   this   elec panel can makes use of our new MicroDrivers so that no difficult wiring is needed. You   can   simply   plug   2   Micro   Drivers   at   the   back   of   the   panel,   connect   them   to   a   Pokeys   card   (USB or Ethernet)  and you are ready to configure in… For use with ProSim737 X-Plane with Pokeys plugin MicroDrivers and Arduino or manual connection How to with Pokeys cards… Connecting   the   elec   panel   with   the   MicroDrivers   to   a   PoKeys   card,   either   USB   or   Ethernet,   requires 4 wires to be connected for each MicroDriver. The   first   MicroDriver   is   connected   on   the   ports   9-10-11   and   GND,   the   second   MicroDriver   board   is connected   on   ports   23-24-25   and   GND.   A   color   coded   connection   cable   is   available   to   make   it   easy for you. Connecting MICRO DRIVER 1 : purple wire goes to port 9 blue wire goes to port 10 green wire goes to port 11 grey wire goes to GND Connecting MICRO DRIVER 2 : purple wire goes to port 23 blue wire goes to port 24 green wire goes to port 25 grey wire goes to GND Further    more    provide    5    Volt    to    both driver   boards   and   you   are   ready   to   configure   the   boards   in   ProSim,   FSSymphony   or   X-Plane   via plugin.
Elec panel options
This new Electrical Panel for 737 overhead uses our MicroDrivers. No more difficult wiring, these driver board simply plug in to the back of the panel giving you absolutely no wiring between drivers and 7-segment displays. Digits are the correct size and are green colored high quality, high brightness displays. 7-segment digits are of the common cathode type and the panel can also be used with other multiplexing hardware. The only thing you need to do is connect 4 wires on each board and 2 wires for the power supply, everybody can do this. Check the documents about the MicroDriver at the left side of the page. For configuration in ProSim please look below. After you made the connection, the only thing is configure it in ProSim or the software of your choice Interfacing possible with ProSim737 or display driver board compatible software X-Plane via plugin
-How to connect ------------------------------------------------ -Measurement and installation ------------------------------------------------ -View connection details about the   used displays ------------------------------------------------ -Build a working radio in 2 minutes
This now needs to be 8 instead of 7
This now needs to be 5 instead of 4
For the new Elec Panel these are the new settings
Elec panel options
new version Now shipped with 3 digits upper left.