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More info about our MICRO DRIVER for 7-segment displays. Click here to buy This   driver   is   a   smart   design,   the   smallest   ever   and   very   easy   to   use.   Previous   driver   boards needed   always   a   lot   of   wiring   to   the   7-segment   displays.   On   the   new   Micro   Driver   the   display   fits on the driver board. The    new    boards    are    fully    compatible    with    the    previous    display    driver    boards    and    can    be configured directly in ProSim and FSSymphony. What can you do with these 7-segment display drivers: - Make a complete MCP -Build a NAV/COM unit with only a few wires, see here  or here -Use it with our new ElecPanel,  just plug the  drivers on the elec panel and ready -Make a FLT ALT and LAND ALT module with only a few wires. -Use them for the IRS unit -…. For   now   we   have   4,   5,   6   and   7   digits   boards   which   you   can   specify   while   ordering.   These   boards are   ideal   for   NAV,   COM   radios,   IRS   panel   and   FLT   ALT   and   LAND   ALT   and   the   Elec   Panel   737 .      The MICRO DRIVER is also available as stand alone board with support for 8 digits. Connecting the boards to a PoKeys card either USB or Ethernet requires 4 wires to be connected. The   first   MICRO   DRIVER   is   connected   on   the   ports   9-10-11   and   GND,   the   second   driver   board   is connected   on   ports   23-24-25   and   GND.   A   color   coded   connection   cable   is   available   to   make   it   easy for you. Connecting MICRO DRIVER 1: purple wire goes to port 9 blue wire goes to port 10 green wire goes to port 11 grey wire goes to GND Connecting MICRO DRIVER 2: purple wire goes to port 23 blue wire goes to port 24 green wire goes to port 25 grey wire goes to GND Just   provide   5   Volt   to   both   driver   boards   and   you   are   ready   to   configure   the   boards   in   ProSim   or FSSymphony.   These driver boards can also be used with X-Plane and soon also via Arduino. See how to build this Click here to buy
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Suited for 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits with display attached.
Suited for up to 8 displays with manually wired digits
What should I order ??? Basic MicroDriver Is the one that is pictured to the right (Picture1). These boards can be used with our pre mounted displays that plug directly on the MicroDriver. No difficult wiring anymore, just plug the displays on the MicroDriver and connect to Pokeys. You need 2 of these to plug on our Elec Panel . MicroDriver with attached displays MicroDrivers fitted with pre mounted displays look like picture 2. They are available now in 4, 5 or 6 digits. These combinations can be used for ADF, Transponders, NAV or COM radio’s , Pressurisation panel and more… They can be placed directly behind a NAV radio window because they have the correct size. Displays are available in: orange/amber, red or green, digit height is 9 mm. MicroDriver manually connected The same driver boards can also be used with cables or soldered wires to connect to our 7-segment board or bare pcb’s. By using them like picture 3 you can make any combination… 3 and 5 digits or 2 times 4 digits or whatever you want. The boards have 3 connectors; the small one for Pokeys and 5 Volt power, 8 wires for the segment connections and another 8 wires for the digits 1 to 8. Can be used for example to construct a MCP
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