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Shopping overview MicroDrivers MicroDriver can drive 7-segment displays without difficult wiri
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Pokeys and 7-segment drivers to create a working MCP
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I have tested our 7-segment and made a fully working MCP with it to prove what they can. Our own software to work in connection with PM or ProSim737. By now you can use ProSim directly to populate all values on all displays. You do not need the software shown on this page. PoKeys 57U en 57E can drive 2 groups of 8 pieces 7-segment displays by means of a small circuit board. This circuit board is connected to PoKeys with only 4 wires and takes only 3 ports to drive 8 displays. The 7-segment displays used are of the common cathode type, the normal type we most use in cockpit building and compatible with the Open Cockpit mounting boards for displays. It all works via multiplexing which is done in the PoKeys device, so no resources are necessary on the pc side. You are able to drive 2 sets of 8 displays or 4 sets of 4 displays or whatever combination you like. Read below how it all works and see my results during testing and the final MCP which in the meantime is finished and works using only PoKeys devices, 3 display driver boards and 1 led extension board. The displays are driven by my own software (see the picture below on this page). The software is also capable to display the flashing A and B in the speed display. I'm also able to display any number on any display trough custom software, connected to the PoKeys device, on the pc side.
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These are all the same boards that can be used for the MCP Left the older board and on the right side of the page the new identical MicroDriver for 8 digits Tests were performed with the first version of the display drivers
The basic connection schema for 5 and 3 digits the old way
Interface between PoKeys and ProSim 737 MCP with Project Magenta offsets to display the MCP values on 7 segment displays, works trough FSUIPC. Finished You don’t need this anymore as it is now incorporated into ProSim
You can now use the MicroDriver in stead of the old display driver board. All connection are the same. You can also look here
Digits 1..8
segments a..g, dp
To ports on Pokeys 9, 10, 11 or 23, 24, 25 and GND
5 Volt connection
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-How to connect ------------------------------------------------ -How to test the MicroDriver ------------------------------------------------ -Measurement and installation ------------------------------------------------ -View connection details about the   used displays ------------------------------------------------ -Build a working radio in 2 minutes ------------------------------------------------ -Use MicroDrivers with Elec Panel ------------------------------------------------ -How to connect a Led Extension board
Curieus about how I mounted everything behind the panel ? Take a look at the pictures below