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Pokeys microcontrollers 57U Pokeys microcontrollers 57E Pokeys 57U and PoKeys 57E USB and Ethernet versions
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Pokyes 57 is a USB device that can be used as a joystick controller or a full featured USB interface card. It's a special type of controller that is fully and easy configurable and it makes this device perfectly suitable for connecting different types of hardware. By that I mean, every port can be set as digital input/output or encoder, 7 ports are reserved for analog input or digital in/out. In addition it also supports 6 high-speed fully configurable PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs. Users can freely set PWM period and PWM duties. The PWM module runs at 12 MHz and allows high-speed switching. Last but not the least interesting is the price setting, you only pay around 1 euro / port, isn't that great news? What more could we desire than an interface card where we decide what the card should be used for?  Shall it be inputs/outputs/analog in or a mixture of everything, it's all in your hands! Pokeys 57E is an Ethernet device. These cannot be used as a Joystick.
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