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Pokeys card as Joystick or USB Device
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Difference between using PoKeys as USB device or Joystick controller in a flight simulator. To answer this question I need to make a difference between how you are going to use this card (joystick controller or real USB device). 1- Real USB device (it is real USB and not a virtual com port): The biggest advantage is that you have a card with 55 ports. They are not preset to 20 digital inputs and 35 digital outputs or something else. No… it is the user that defines how the card is going to be used. As a result, if you need 55 inputs, then the card will handle only inputs. If you need 41 digital outputs, then the card will handle 41 digital outputs leaving you with another 14 ports that you are free to use for whatever you want… for example as 5 analog inputs and another 7 digital inputs. So if you only need digital outputs, the card will give 55 of them. If you only need digital inputs, the card will handle them also. If you need a combination… the card will give them to you. So it is the user that decides what the card will be used for. What about leds... by making use of our Led extension board with 24 high power outputs led's could be connected to PoKeys via an external power supply. The connection is easy and no extra software is required. In combination with ProSim737 the configuration of the card is very simple, no scripts, nothing to define before you can use PoKeys, just plug it into USB. ProSim will do it all for you. You can use multiple cards and they are easy to identify. Another nice advantage is the price for these 55 ports. Less then 1 euro per port. Disadvantage is that the software you are using has to be able to talk to the card. If you are a Prosim737 user or FSSymphony user than PoKeys is natively supported so that digital in, digital outputs, analog inputs or encoders could be used, all 55. For connection directly to FSX or in combination with Open Cockpits SIOC system you could use fSSymphony, this software is free available via If you have ProSim737 you could use the card(s) for all your indicators, switches and analog inputs and encoders. By making use of my 7-segment system and my software you could also display all the digits of the MCP and Flight Alt and Landing Alt 2 - Joystick controller: Because you are limited here by the 32 inputs and 5 analog inputs, there is not much advantage over the normal joystick controllers. It is just a good alternative and the card can be used as other joystick controllers. Big advantage over other joystick controllers is that you can change the ID/Name of the card yourself so that it is easy to identify multiple cards in Windows. Another advantage is that you have a user interface where it is possible to add for example keyboard shortcuts…
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