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Pokeys microcontrollers 57U Pokeys microcontrollers 57E Pokeys 57U and PoKeys 57E USB and Ethernet versions
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Connecting Pokeys to ProSim
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PoKeys 57U or PoKeys 57E Connecting PoKeys hardware to flight simulator software ProSim 737. ProSim supports both Ethernet and USB Pokeys can also work together with FSSymphony and X-Plane. FSSymphony supports only Ethernet. For X-Plane you will need a plugin which was developed by PoScope. I'm going to show you how easy it is to connect a PoKeys device to ProSim737. ProSim supports this device natively. Also you do not have to worry about in or outs because ProSim sets the ports for you automatically. Start by plugging in a PoKeys device into an USB plug, go the driver tab in ProSim and activate both PoKeys checkboxes. ProSim will now recognize the module immediately. From now on all 55 ports are available. No need to configure anything with the PoKeys software. Simply take it out the delivery box, connect it and you are ready to assign switches, rotaries, encoders and leds to ProSim. PoKeys devices are hot pluggable, that means you can add more devices while ProSim is running. Now take a look at the ProSim screen below... As you can see there are 2 devices connected, that is number 12054 and 12059. ATTENTION: If you use port 54 with a switch, you should pay attention to only connect a momentary switch or a switch which can not be in closed state on startup of the PoKeys device. If this port 54 is closed on startup of the device, it will enter recovery state and will not boot until port 54 is not grounded anymore.
Choose PoKeys card number and assing ports Now open the "Config"-screen in ProSim and open the "Switches"-page. In this example I'm going to connect the "Parking brake”. Select the PoKeys device, in my case I used “12059” and selected ports are 18 or 19 depending on the type of switch. Press the “OK” button to close the screen and your are re.
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