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Pokeys microcontrollers 57U Pokeys microcontrollers 57E Pokeys 57U and PoKeys 57E USB and Ethernet versions
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Pokeys and X-Plane via plugin
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X-Plane support for PoKeys cards 7-segment driver boards and PoKeys also supported by X-plane plugin. For all users of PoKeys devices, there is a plugin available for X-plane that supports PoKeys55, PoKeys56U and PoKeys56E, 57U and 57E devices. The plugin is configured in one configuration file in the X-Plane application folder. For this version the following operations are supported: - mapping of X-Plane variables to digital outputs - mapping of X-Plane variables to PoExtBus outputs - displaying X-Plane variables on the alphanumeric LCD display - mapping of digital inputs to X-Plane variables - mapping of X-Plane variables to 7-segment LED displays (radio frequency display, heading, height references...) You can download the plugin from Download How to and changes can be viewed here
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