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Using Pokeys with FSSymphony to configure a NAV or COM rao
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With the new MicroDrivers … -you only need a small screw driver to connect the  4 wires to the PoKeys card -it is much cheaper -it is much faster, only a few minutes to build a radio -you do not need electronics knowledge -you do not need to know how to do fine solder work  
PoKeys ethernet card driven by FSSymphony and linked to FSX and/or SIOC. below I show you how to make a COM 1 radio with only a few clicks. FSSymphony is developed by . Thank you Ruediger for this very nice software. I have tested the beta version and wanted to show you some of the screens and configuration. In short it is a small software program with lots of capabilities for PoKeys 56 or 57 Ethernet. You can configure switches, outputs, encoders, displays, servo's and link there functions to a list of actions in FSX. Linking to FSX is done via FSUIPC. It is also possible to connect to SIOC giving you the extra scripting that SIOC is capable of and that in combination with a PoKeys ethernet card. Nice combination. FSSymphony supports our old style display driver boards and MicroDriver displays boards. With a few simple clicks you can for example configure all the digits of COMM 1, if you connect 2 extra encoders then you have a complete radio tuning system. The program comes with an easy to use setup program so no difficulties to start. I have tested the display driver boards with the new version of the program and connected two boards to a PoKeys 57E and 2 encoders. In a couple of minutes I had a working COMM 1 radio system. While turning the encoder the display follows immediately. Very nice
Here you set the radio note this is Ethernet Pokeys so we need the IP address
As an example, the servo configuration screen
Some options in FSSymphony