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Shopping overview MicroDrivers MicroDriver can drive 7-segment displays without difficult wiring
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How to connect switches, leds, 7-segment, lcd displays, encoders, etc to PoKeys cards      read here ... NEW... Elec Panel suited for MicroDriver or manual connections     New version released     Old version ... NEW... MICRO DRIVER for 7-segment displays launched.     more info here     smart design, smallest ever, very easy to use, no more difficult wiring !!! ... Article about building a NAV or COM radio with PoKeys and our 7-segment drivers     More info     And here ... 7 segment factory build driver boards and how to build a MCP 737,    see here ... Article about driving 64 7-segment digits from one Arduino on only 3 ports     More info ... NEW Article at hangar45, Learjet guys, about       PROGRAMING THE FOUR DISPLAY UNITS CONNECTED TO A POKEYS CARD ... SEE WHAT CLIENTS ASK AND READ MY REPLY I have published some of the questions people ask regularley, for each question you can read my answer Also some links to forums whit PoKeys hardware ... Electrical panel forward overhead     read here PCB, displays and mounting structure. Connection with ProSim 737 possible or display driver board compatible software. ... Resetting Pokeys when in Recovery mode     see here 7-segment driver boards and PoKeys also supported by X-plane plugin. For all users of PoKeys devices, there is a plugin available for X-plane that supports PoKeys55, PoKeys56U and PoKeys56E, 57U and 57E devices. The plugin is configured in one configuration file in the X-Plane application folder. The plugin is regularly updated: - mapping of X-Plane variables to digital outputs - mapping of X-Plane variables to PoExtBus outputs - displaying X-Plane variables on the alphanumeric LCD display - mapping of digital inputs to X-Plane variables - mapping of X-Plane variables to 7-segment LED displays (radio frequency display, heading, height references...) You can download the plugin from     Download X-Plane plugin for PoKeys cards The 7-segment driver boards are available in our SHOPPING section. ... FSSymphony, free software interface between PoKeys 56E, 57E and FSX - FS9 via FSUIPC or IOCP. ... How to construct a COM radio very fast     available for free download via contact with the author. For mail adres see the website under "Contact"     at the top of the page. ... LED Extension board for PoKeys to drive high power leds or multiple leds     see here ... List of encoders that work with ProSim 737 and PoKeys,     currently only PoKeys encoders are supported by ProSim 737     document here ... PoKeys configuration with ProSim737,       read here ... Start a progam with PoKeys on your PC by pushing a button in your cockpit     read here ... using PoKeys in a flight simulator (USB or JoyStick) , ... Configure encoders on PoKeys to tune NAV 1 radio frequency with FSUIPC     read here ... LUA Scripting and Linda via AvSim forum, lots of examples and modules     Use LUA script with FSUIPC and PoKeys 56 or PoKeys 57U or PoKeys 57E to switch the landing gear lights,     use rotary encoders and switches     read here           (Submitted by Terry Hall) ,
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Throttle levers 737 ------------------------------------------------ Free text editor (SIOC and others) with colored formatting options ------------------------------------------------ My CNC with floating Z-axis ------------------------------------------------ 60 Watt laser cutter and engraver ------------------------------------------------ Monitor bezels for 737 MIP ------------------------------------------------ Mounting techniques ------------------------------------------------ Some panels I have made
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